Are Your Lights Flickering? Find Out Why

by / June 29, 2021 / Comments Off on Are Your Lights Flickering? Find Out Why

Flickering lights can have causes from a simple lightbulb needing to be tightened to a faulty switch.

Self Diagnose

When trying to diagnose a flickering light issue yourself, first examine plugs to see if they are loose. Other things you can try are replacing an LED light bulb with a traditional incandescent bulb and assuring the light bulbs are in tight.

Why Flickering Lights May be Serious

While it can be a minor issue, sometimes flickering lights can be signs of a more serious, potentially dangerous issue. Loose, outdated wiring connections or a circuit overload can be a fire hazard. Sometimes fluctuating electronic voltage is to blame.

Other times it may even be an issue with the electric utility service or meter box.

How to Fix

If self diagnosing does not work, call a licensed and insured professional for a clear diagnosis.

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