Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

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Older Zisco Panel

Identify Your Panel

It is important to identify the panel that is supplying electricity throughout your home. This easily can be done by checking the labeling inside of your panel. There are certain brands that are deemed unsafe in the electrical industry. Here are a few:

  • Zinsco
  • Federal Pacific
  • Challenger

Why Upgrade Now

Many older panels were meant to meet the demands of their time.  Adding new appliances could cause a fire hazard, potentially blow a fuse, or trip a breaker. New panels allow you to add the new fridge, water heater, air conditioner unit, and other appliances without the fear of damaging current appliances with recurrent power surges.

Because of the potential dangers of these older panels, many insurances aren’t renewing policies until homeowners upgrade. A new electrical panel can mean cost reductions for current policy holders. Savings may also be noticed on the monthly electric bill since a new panel allows electricity to run more efficiently.

A new electrical panel is usually more aesthetically pleasing and can increase the value of your home.

New Panel installed by Sirius Electrical

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